Name of law: Law 57 of 1985 - as amended by Law 1712 of 2014 and Law 1437 of 2011 First adopted: 1985 Last modified: n/a RTI Rating last updated: n/a


Colombia has a fairly strong RTI law with a broad scope, applying to all three branches of government and a broadly compliant exception regime that is both harm-tested and subject to a public interest override, although it only overrides laws of lower status, which does not include the main secrecy laws. The system of appeals is overseen by a body which is not independent of government. There is also no legal protection for officials who release information in good faith. One interesting aspect of this law is the extent to which its protections were shaped by Constitutional Court jurisprudence, which added a number of 40 points to the overall score. For example, the Court held that where only part of a record is covered by an exception the remainder must be disclosed.

Local Experts: Vivian Newman Pont, Andres Mejia