Name of law: De la liberté d'accès aux documents administratifs et de la réutilisation des informations publiques
First adopted: 1978
Last modified: 2017-10
RTI Rating last updated: 2011-09


Like many Western European States, France has a very weak RTI law. It applies only to the executive, excluding State owned enterprises and private bodies which undertake public functions. Many better practice procedures are missing. The specific exceptions are compliant with international standards, but they are not harm tested, there is no public interest override and secrecy laws are preserved. There is an administrative oversight body, known as the CADA, but the rules governing its work are left relatively undefined by the legislation. The law also fails to provide for either sanctions or protections, and the only promotional measure is a requirement to appoint an information officer.

Local Experts: Benoit Boissinot, Prisca Orsonneau