Name of law: Ley Nº 18.381 Derecho de Acceso a la Información Pública
First adopted: 2008
Last modified: n/a
RTI Rating last updated: n/a


Uruguay’s right to information law is slightly above average in relation to the global RTI ranking system. The strength of the regime is the law’s dual scope and exceptions regime, both of which are relatively compliant with international standards. It applies to all three branches of government, subject only to a series of harm-test exceptions which, while the regime could be improved with the addition of trump and stronger public interest override, are generally compliant. A major weakness of this law is its appeals process. Uruguay's oversight body, the AGESIC, has been structured as a disempowered and politicized body that is not equipped with the tools to carry out its important function. Other issues with this law include a poor regime of sanctions and protections and the lack of a requirement for officials to assist requesters who either unintentionally submitted incomplete requests or have accessibility needs.

Local Experts: Edison Lanza, Mariana Mas