Name of law: The Law of Ukraine On Access to Public Information
First adopted: 1992
Last modified: 2013-05
RTI Rating last updated: 2013-05


Despite problematic laws found in nearby states, Ukraine’s right to information framework is relatively strong. It has a broad scope and a strong regime of exceptions that incorporates a harm-test and public interest override, and only a small number of overbroad exceptions. The law also provides for appeals to both internal and (independent) external bodies, albeit it does not create a dedicated right to information body and the administrative body does not have the power to make binding decisions. The requesting procedures could also be improved, for example by requiring a receipt to be provided, requesters to be able to choose how to receive information and to require responses as soon as possible. Protections for officials who release information in good faith and certain promotional measures should also be added.

The law is also available in its Ukrainian original here.

Local Experts: Tetyana Oleksiyuk and Igor Rozkladaj