Sri Lanka

Name of law: Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016
First adopted: 2016
Last modified: n/a
RTI Rating last updated: n/a


Sri Lanka adopted a very strong RTI law in 2016 and ranks right at the top of the rankings. With the adoption of a series of regulations in February of 2017, this framework became further enhanced. The law has a wide scope, as it covers all major types of public authorities. The legislation’s most notable feature is its extremely comprehensive appeals system, which provides for both internal and external routes for appeal, with the requisite safeguards and binding powers for each type. One key flaw that could be remedied is within its exceptions regime, which contains a few illegitimate exemptions that not harm tested. Nevertheless, the positive interpretation of the rules by an independent ‘Right to Information Commission’ has helped ensure that the intent of the legal framework is maintained in practice.