Name of law: Freedom of Information Act
First adopted: 2008
Last modified: n/a
RTI Rating last updated: n/a


Malta’s approach to the right to information is variable and middling in terms of the global RTI ranking. While the scope appears to cover most public authorities, its provisions exclude many institutions and documents that are regulated in other laws. This creates a piecemeal situation where multiple legislative schemes with separate procedures, appeal routes, and other features apply depending on the authority and type of information. Additionally, the exceptions regime is very poor, as the non-compliant exemptions are not harm-tested, though they are subject to a beneficial public interest override. Many features within the appeals structure are also undefined by the legislation. However, the law also has some beneficial features, including a relatively robust requesting procedure and clearly defined timelines for responses.


The law is also available in its Maltese original here.

 Local Expert: Davida Flores