Name of law: Law on Access to Public Documents First adopted: 2003 Last modified: 2019-05 RTI Rating last updated: 2020-11


Kosovo's 2019 RTI law differs from the 2010 version in some aspects but still achieves the same respectable score. A welcome addition is a presumed right of access guaranteed to everyone without discrimination. The scope remains broad, although there is less-than-ideal coverage of government bodies. The requesting procedures are generally in line with international standards, although they are missing key elements such as the provision of a receipt after lodging a request. The system would also benefit from first-instance internal appeals. The exceptions are broadly in line with international standards but suffered partly because it is unclear whether secrecy laws trump the RTI law and partly due to lack of clarity around the harm test for exceptions. Kosovo does well on sanctions and protections, except for a lack of protection for good faith disclosures. The same is true for promotional measures but minimum standards for record keeping and legal obligations for public institutions to conduct training for their officials would increase the score here. The law is available here in Serbian and here in Albanian.