Ivory Coast

Name of law: Loi No 2013-867 du 23 décembre 2013 relative à l’accès à i’information d’intèrêt public First adopted: 2013 Last modified: n/a RTI Rating last updated: 2014-05


Despite some positives, the Ivory Coast’s right to information legislation is below average strength. The law’s scope is ambiguous, as it refers to public authorities as “the State and its members”, which does not clearly define which executive bodies are subject to the act, while it does not apply to the legislature or State-owned enterprises, and only applies to the judiciary as regards its administrative functions. Its strongest performance is in terms of its relatively robust procedural provisions, which promote active communication between the requester and the public authority to make the system user-friendly. Although many specific exceptions are legitimate, secrecy laws are largely preserved and there is no public interest override. The nature and powers of the external oversight body are largely to be defined by decree. While there are sanctions, there are no protections and the promotional measures regime is relatively weak.

The law is also available in its French original here.