Name of law: Act CXII of 2011On Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information
First adopted: 1992
Last modified: n/a
RTI Rating last updated: 2011-08


The Hungarian law concerning the right to information is of average strength. Its main strength is its broad scope, for which it obtains a near-perfect score. It also has a relatively strong system of appeals, although the administrative oversight body is not very independent. However, weak procedures, such as a requirement to provide too much information when making a request, no obligation to assist requesters or to provide a receipt for requests, undermine the law. The regime of exceptions allows other laws to override disclosure, many exceptions are not harm-tested and there is no public interest override. There are also no sanctions at all for obstruction of access or protections for good faith disclosures.

The law is also available in its Hungarian original here.

Local Expert: Tivadar Huttl