Name of law: Administrative Procedural Code
First adopted: 1986
Last modified: 2015-03
RTI Rating last updated: 2016-05


The Greek version of their right to information regime is part of their general Administrative Procedural Code, which helps explain in part why it is so weak. Due to the broad nature of such a Code, the regime has many gaps and missing concepts found in a better practice RTI law. This location also means that, problematically, the law only applies to administrative documents "drawn up by public services", which largely excludes the legislature and judiciary. Many better practice procedures are missing. In terms of exceptions, although most of the specific items are legitimate, many are not harm tested and there is no public interest override, while secrecy laws are preserved. Appeals go to the General Office of the Ombudsman, which lacks some of the specialised powers needed to process information appeals effectively. There are no sanctions or protections, and the score for promotional measures is a very weak three out of a possible 16 points.