Name of law: Act on the Openness of Government Activities
First adopted: 1951
Last modified: 2016-12
RTI Rating last updated: 2017-06


Finland’s RTI law is relatively strong and amendments made in December 2016 that relate to public procurement further clarify it. As part of a larger package of changes to Finnish law, the amendment provides better protection of professional and business secrets that are part of a tender process. This is a valuable clarifying measure that reduces ambiguity in the law. Other strengths of the RTI law include its wide scope, relatively clear procedure and timelines, and its strong basic presumption of openness, which states that all information in the possession of public authorities is available to persons unless they are subject to an exception made by law or executive order. Areas for further improvement include the creation of a mandatory public interest override for exceptions, which permits disclosure where it is in the overall public interest outweighs the harm done to a protected interest.

The law is also available in its Finnish original here.

Local Experts: Paivi Leino-Sandberg, Liisa Leppavirta