Dominican Republic

Name of law: Ley General de Libre Acceso a la Información Pública, No. 200-04 First adopted: 2004 Last modified: n/a RTI Rating last updated: n/a


The Dominican Republic lost a lot of points for not having an adminstrative appeal body. Normally in these instances we contact local experts to find out more about these countries' internal judicial systems, in order to determine whether the structure of their judicial appeals process warrants some points. However, because in this case we did not have a local expert's assistance, they scored zeroes on this section. As a result, the Dominican Republic's score is likely 5-6 points lower than it should be. However, caveat in no way absolves the legal regime of its major enumerated problems, including a weak promotional structure, and the lack of harm tests or a strong public interest override in its exceptions regime.