Name of law: Law Regulating the Right to Access Public Sector Information First adopted: 2017 Last modified: n/a RTI Rating last updated: 2019-09


Cyprus has a medium-strength RTI with several positive features but also a number of flaws. The main strength of the law is its wide scope, as any natural or legal person has the right to request access to information held by any public authority. However, the procedures for making and processing requests are weak. A few specific exceptions are problematic and the law is trumped by secrecy laws, EU law and even material that might be considered to constitute contempt of court. The harm test also does not apply to a majority of key exceptions, including national security and court records, and the public interest override only applies to the few non-absolute exceptions. Other areas for future improvement include stronger legal protections for the independence of the oversight Information Commissioners, and protection for good faith disclosures, as well as requiring public authorities to appoint information officers and report annually on implementation of the law.