Burkina Faso

Name of law: LOI N°051-2015/CNT PORTANT DROIT D’ACCES A L’INFORMATION PUBLIQUE ET AUX DOCUMENTS ADMINISTRATIFS First adopted: 2015 Last modified: 2015-08 RTI Rating last updated: 2016-09


Burkina Faso has a below-average RTI rating. Although the law is broad in scope and does reasonably well on procedures, it fails to get a passing grade on any other category, it has an extremely broad regime of exceptions that preserves secrecy provisions in other laws, includes many exceptions that are not recognised under international law, many that are not harm-tested and only a restricted public interest override (i.e. where information relates to violations of fundamental human rights and crimes against humanity). There is a dedicated oversight body, the Autorité nationale d’accès à l’information publique, but it lacks the powers it needs to do its job properly. There is also only a limited set of promotional measures.