Name of law: Access to Public Information Act
First adopted: 2000
Last modified: n/a
RTI Rating last updated: n/a


Bulgaria’s right to information law is of medium quality, with a number of gaps in the legislative scheme. As a result of the law’s extremely comprehensive scope, the legislation obtained a perfect score for that category. However, its regime of exceptions does not conform with international standards in a number of key areas, including exceptions which are not in line with international standards, such as “moral standards”, the absence of a harm test for some exceptions, and a public interest override which only applies to administrative information. An even more substantial weakness of the law is that it does not provide for an appeal to an independent administrative body, with the only option being a general appeal to the ombudsman or the administrative courts. There are also no protections for good faith disclosures and a relatively limited number of promotional measures.

Local Expert: Alexander Kashumov