Name of law: Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Right to Obtain Information
First adopted: 2005
Last modified: n/a
RTI Rating last updated: 2023-04


Azerbaijan has a strong right to information law. It’s scope is broad, as everyone, including legal persons, may request any type of information from any of the three branches of government and other public authorities, including private entities which implement public functions. The exceptions are largely in line with international standards, although a few are overbroad, and the law sets out user-friendly procedures for making and processing requests. However, a few key problems undercut the law’s strengths, such as the lack of protection for officials who make good-faith disclosures and the lack of a regime to protect whistleblowers.

The law is available in its Azerbaijani original here

Other relevant laws: Law on Administrative Proceedings, Law on the Human Rights Commissioner, Code of Administrative Offences (excerpts)

Local Experts: Alasgar Mammadli, Fidan Najafova, Fuad Suleymanov